Casualty Service

Casualty Service, DDCD(M)


Casualty Service is independent medical unit and also (one of the twelve Civil Defence Services under the overall control of the Director General Home Guards & Director Civil Defence as per the Government of NCT of Delhi letter No.19493-96 dated 24.12.1973. Deputy Director Civil Defence (Medical) is responsible for administration of service, training and deployment of volunteers for various duties in an emergencies and maintenance of records thereof.

Deputy Director Civil Defence(Medical)
Dr. R L Handa 1965 to 14-5-71
Dr. A K Shaa 15-5-71 to 20-06-73
Dr. P N Dugal 20-06-73 to 17-07-75
Dr. S M Pahwa 17-03-75 to 25-11-75
Dr. (Mrs.) C. Kapoor 25-11-75 to 30-04-85
Dr. (Mrs.) P. L. Choudhary 03-05-85 to 17-07-89
Dr. (Mrs.) T. Mehra 17-07-89 to 30-09-89
Dr. Suresh Seth  05-10-89 to 14-07-89
Dr. Arvind Kumar Goel 14-07-94 to 19-12-01
Dr. R. K. Govila 19-12-01 to 22-04-02
Dr. R. K. Pandey 23-04-02 to 30-09-10

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