Role and Duties


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Frisking duty

1. Role of Home Guards

  •  To serve as an auxiliary to the Police and to assist in maintaining internal security.
  •  To assist the community in any kind of emergency like air-raid, fire, flood, epidemic and so on.
  • To organise functional units to provide essential services such as Motor Transport Unit, Fire Fighting and Engineering Groups, Pioneer Services, Nursing and First-Aid, Operation of water supply establishments, etc.
  • To promote communal harmony and to give assistance to the administration in protecting the weaker sections of the society.
  •  To participate in socio-economic and welfare activities such as Adult Education, health and hygiene development schemes, etc.

2. Civil Defence duties of Home Guards

  •  Incident control and Reconnaissance Parties(to the extent possible)
  •  Rescue parties
  •  Trailor pump parties
  •  Mobile canteen
  •  Part-time instructors

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