• Every Home Guard Volunteer is given 35 working days basic training at the Central Training Institute of the Directorate General of Home Guards and Civil Defence, Nishkam Sewa Bhawan, Raja Garden, New Delhi - 110 027
  • Advance training courses in Rescue, Fire Fighting, Communication, First Aid, Arms Drill, Traffic/Crowd Control and Part-time Instructor are conducted at CTI, Raja Garden, New Delhi.
  • Specialised training courses are conducted at the National Civil Defence College, Nagpur and Civil Defence Central Training Institute, Bangalore.


fire fighting drill


rescue drill

1. Central Training Institute of the Directorate General of Home Guards and Civil Defence: Delhi.

CTI is a combined institute for imparting basic and advance training to the members of Home Guards, Civil Defence and Casualty services (both men and women). It is situated in the premises of the Directorate General of Home Guards and Civil Defence, Raja Garden, New Delhi 110027.

2. Object:-

The main object of this institution is to train volunteers in the protection of life and public property during man-made or natural calamities.

3. Courses:- 

The. following courses are conducted at the CTI:-

  • Basic Training Course for Home Guards. 
  • Fire Fighting 
  • Rescue and First Aid 
  • Warden Service 
  • Communication Service 
  •  Rifle training (Both for Home Guard and Civil Defence Volunteers)
  • Part-time Instructor
  • Refresher Conect
  • Traffic/Crowd Control 
  • Crash Course 
  • Capsule Course

4. In addition to the above courses, the volunteers and paid staff also get trained in specialised courses at the follows institutions :-

  • CTI, Raja Garden, New Delhi

Fire Fighting

First Aid Course

Rescue Course

Communication Course

Part Time Instructors Course

Warden Service Course

Arms Drill Course

Traffic Control Course

Refresher Course for Rank Holders

 5. National Civil Defence College, 61/1, Civil Lines, Nagpur – 440001 Maharashtra

  • Disaster Relief Instructor Course
  • Civil Defence Management Course
  • Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Course
  • Earthquake Disaster Preparedness & Management Course.
  • Industrial Civil Defence Management
  • Advance Warden Service
  • Civil Defence Instructor Course.
  • Chemical Disaster Instructor.
  • Chemical Diaster Response Course.
  • Communication Instructors Course.
  • CD Casualty Service (First Aiders)
  • UXB Reconnaissance & Reporting
  • Civil Defence Planning for IA Towns.
  • Advance Rescue Course.
  • CD Management for IAS/IPS/Industrial Executives.
  • Seminar/Workshop

 6. Civil Defence Central Training Institute, Annaswami Mudaliar Road, Banglore – 560042, Karnataka.

  • Waterman Ship Course


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