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In Delhi, before the year 1959, welfare services for the neglected and weaker section of the society were not operating in an organized and coordinated manner. There was an urgent need to make the welfare services comprehensive and diverse in nature. Keeping in view this fact, in the year 1959, the Directorate of Social Welfare was established in Delhi. Since then it has been an endeavour of Social Welfare Department that the number of institutions, schemes and services has increased to 57, 18 and 6

victory respectively.

The Department of Social Welfare provides welfare programmes and services to the persons with disabilities,  social security for the aged and destitute through the network of residential care homes and non-institutional services. Besides this the Department also provides avenues of self employment to persons with disabilities and creates awareness amongst general public regarding the welfare measures of the Department.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Department of social welfare has decentralized its programme implementation to the level of its 10 districts units having jurisdictions co-terminus with the Revenue /Police districts of Delhi.

Functions of Social Welfare Department

The Department is extending its services in the form of functions which revolve around the management aspects i.e., Treatment, Prevention and Rehabilitation through the implementation of the Social Legislations pertaining to the welfare of beggars, probationers and prisoners, licensing of  institutions and provision, management and maintenance of statutory and non statutory institutions/services, for the welfare of the people. These social legislations are as under:

  1. The Persons with Disabilities(Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995
  2. The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act,1959(Extended to GNCT of Delhi)
  3. The Probation of Offenders' Act, 1958>
  4. The Senior Citizen's Welfare  Maintenance Act 2007
  5. The Good Conduct Probation Prisoner Release Act 1928

The Department is extending services to the needy, physically and socially deprived sections of society in  Delhi. The Department is also providing financial assistance to the Voluntary Organizations of Delhi engaged in Social welfare activities in the fields of  welfare of persons with disabilities, senior citizens etc  for recurring and non-recurring expenditure to make them gradually self sufficient.Financial assistance is given to needy senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Last Update Date :- 05-06-2021

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