For enrolment as a Home Guard volunteer, a person

 should have attained the age of 20years and be less than 47 years old

 passed atleast 10th Class in school; and

 be medically fit.


A Home Guard Volunteer is brought on roll under Section 3 of the Bombay Home Guards act,1947 as extended to Delhi and Delhi Home Guard Rules,1959. His term of office is for three years. He can be discharge at any time before the expiry of his tenure by giving one month's Notice or without such Notice if he is found to be medically unfit.

He can also be discharged on grounds of misconduct and indiscipline under Section 6(B) of the Act read with Rule 10 of the Delhi Home Guards Rules,1959 after giving him sufficient opportunity to defend himself.

If any volunteer, on being called out under Section 4, without reasonable excuse, neglects or refuses to obey such orders, can on conviction , be punished for simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with fine which may extend to Rs.250/- or with both.

A Home Guard Volunteer can resign from his office by giving an application in writing addressed to the Director General, Home Guards, Delhi.

Last Update Date :- 08-05-2018

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