Financial Assistance Scheme

Q 1. Who is the Nodal Agency for implementing the Various Welfare Schemes of the Govt of NCT of Delhi?
Ans: Social Welfare Department, Govt of NCT of Delhi is the Nodal Department for implementing the   schemes    related to welfare of social Security, disability, Social Defense .

Q2. Who is eligible and where to apply for the Delhi Administration Old Age Assistance Scheme?
Ans: Persons above 60 years of age (55 years in case of the physically challenged ), bonafide residents of the NCT of Delhi for at least 5 years prior to the date of applying, have a valid ID card and a ration card, should not be receiving any such assistance from the another source and recommendation by area MP/MLA/Any Gazetted Officer of the Govt of Delhi, Govt of India

Q3. What is the amount of pension and how it is paid?
Ans: Rs 1000/-p.m.-remitted quarterly through ECS.

Q4. On which date the pension is credited in the account/disbursed ? 
Ans: As far as possible , pension is disbursed quarterly.

Q5. Whether nomination facility is available in case of death of pensioner? 
Ans: In case of death of pensioner, the pension is stopped and no nominee will receive it.

Q6. Whether joint account in the bank/ post office can be opened for disbursal of pension? 
Ans: Joint account with any member of the family is not permissible.

Q7. Whether identification/sanction of pension is a continuous process ? 
Ans: Yes. Identification of eligible beneficiaries is a continuous process.

Last Update Date :- 20-02-2018

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