Two types of CD training are organised for the Volunteers to make them well trained to meet out the requirements in an Emrgency/Disaster. These are:

first+aidBasic CD Training 


This is imparted at places convenient to the volunteer for seven days either continuously or during seven Sundays. A Basic Training Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the training programme . Civil Defence Training is also imparted to students in schools, colleges, NCC units, universities & other educational institutions, industrial establishments etc.

first aid training

Specialised Courses

Specialised courses are conducted at

CTI, Raja Garden, New Delhi. 
National Civil Defence College, Nagpur and 
Civil Defence Central Training Institute, Bangalore.


Civil Defence Volunteers are given advance knowledge in CD subjects like rescue, fire fighting, communication, Part Time Instructor, First Aid etc.

rescue training

Last Update Date :- 20-03-2018

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